Samsung rebrands application store Universe Apps

Samsung rebrands application store Universe Apps

Galaxy Apps

Samsung has rebranded its app store Galaxy Apps in an attempt to rival the Google Play store.

Within an ploy to seize more Google Play customers because of its own, Samsung has refreshed its application store and trained with a completely new name – Universe Apps.

Formerly referred to as Samsung Apps, the application store continues to be given a brand new interface and has been full of countless newly discovered apps only for Samsung Universe devices.

The brand new Universe Apps store has become divided apps into an array of special groups to focus on their value, including the kind of Best Picks.

The For Universe category comes complete using the apps solely created for Universe devices. They are sub-split into four sections, which makes it simple for uses to see the hands-selected content – Universe Gifts, Universe Essentials, Universe Specials and Apps for Professionals.

Any application you discover hidden in Universe Specials you can be certain continues to be particularly produced while using Samsung SDKs for developers.

“We have prepared many special value packs you are able to immediately download with lots of more in the future,Inches stated Samsung inside a statement.

The woking platform is made to highlight special promotions or deals available by Samsung, but mainly to provide users the choice to help customise their new Universe device, whether that’s a smartphone such as the Samsung Universe S5 or tablet such as the Samsung Universe Tab S 8.4.

Samsung’s application store transformation happens once you install the most recent update for that Samsung Apps store, after which the refresh will occur.

Don’t hesitate to tell us any awesome newly discovered apps you uncover for the Universe within the new store.

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    So anyone got the skinny on what’s new?


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