Mobile World Congress: How McAfee rebranding benefits the enterprise

Mobile World Congress: How McAfee rebranding benefits the enterprise

Captured, Apple announced it had been rebranding McAfee using the new moniker of Apple Security.

The appropriate parties made all of the right noises, with McAfee VP global consumer marketing Gary Davis describing the move as “a thrilling advance for brands.”

John McAfee, however, told the BBC he was “everlastingly grateful to Apple for freeing me out of this terrible connection to the worst software in the world.Inch

Reaction was therefore mixed. Yet based on McAfee VP and EMEA CTO Raj Samani, the rebrand offers some benefits for that enterprise.

Talking with Enterprise AppsTech at Mobile World Congress, Samani explains: “From a company perspective it’s useful because many of the time, we’ll visit customers and they’re going to be surprised we are really with Apple.

“We’ll say we are an Apple company and lots of people still either forget or did not learn about it – that we find strange really,” he adds.

It is extremely strange thinking about McAfee was formally acquired by Apple in 2011.

Samani adds the rebrand reinforces McAfee’s current hardware security play.

“Being rebranded as Apple Security leaves individuals simply no doubt that we are really the biggest hardware company on the planet. And from that perspective it is helpful.

“But additionally, with regards to the work we are likely to be doing, we have been focusing for several years on hardware security…and so i think what you’ll start to see is really a continuation of individuals collaborations,” he adds.

Above all else though, Samani sees stepping into bed with Apple like a “dream become a realityInch from the technologist’s perspective.

“Should you be requested like a technologist recognise the business you want to be purchased out by, [Apple] would most likely come number 1 within the list,” Samani argues.

He adds: “I frequently ask people: name me one company that does not use Apple. Name me one individual that does not make use of an Apple or McAfee product.”

The 2009 week McAfee announced its Mobile Security product is going to be available cost-free in 30 languages, included in Intel’s initiative for greater integration of peace of mind in the client experience.

This seems some stinky to become a good advance for integration. But, like a conference session at MWC explored on Monday, while mobility gets to be more sophisticated, the threats be sophisticated by using it.

For Samani, whose passion and enthusiasm for his jobs are unbounded, it remains a significant issue.

“I can provide you with a typical, stock, normal answer and say ‘we’re visiting a development in adware and spyware for Android’, however, you know all that,Inch he states. “These units are perfect, they are revolutionising our way of life, but they are additionally a massive sieve that sucks up your own data and shares by using not only the 3 letter agencies that everybody discusses, but corporate surveillance.

“We’d the flash light application for Android. It is a bloody flash light, also it was sucking up data out of your phone and submitting it to 3rd parties.

“I really like cellular devices, we all like cellular devices, however we have to be perfectly obvious about the hazards connected with this particular,Inch he adds.


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  • Yoshinatsu

    Microsoft should really up their ante with Skype. Their mobile client isn’t even remotely as convenient or reliable as their competito1′. And on low-end devices, their application is so heavy and unoptimized that it’s completely useless.

  • Chris Lambert

    I think it’s gone through boring and back in to funny again.


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