Motorola Might Be Planning New Colors For That Moto 360, Including Gold

Motorola Might Be Planning New Colors For That Moto 360, Including Gold

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Motorola presently provides the Moto 360 in silver and black colors, what if you would like something a bit more blingy? The organization published a promo image lately that piqued everyone’s interest because it demonstrated what’s clearly a gold Moto 360. Whenever we requested about this, Motorola was all like “what watch?”

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Left to right: original image with gold watch, immediately after we contacted Moto, and a little while later

It’s pretty obvious Motorola was scrambling to cover that clearly gold watch after we contacted PR. They first pulled the look without altering the page layout, then your arrangement from the watches was tweaked later to appear less suspicious. As possible most likely guess, Motorola wasn’t very forthcoming. This is what they told us.

Although we can not discuss gold particularly, we’re always exploring new materials so we plan to provide Moto 360 in a variety of styles later on.

So… maybe? There may certainly, absolutely, often be other colors visiting the Moto 360 soon. I am talking about, someone what food was in least affirmed to create a render of the gold one. There is a chance, right?

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