Android Put on 2. Announced With Watchface Integration Along With Other Apps, Handwriting Recognition And Gesture Keyboard, Along With A Developer Preview, And Much More

Android Put on 2. Announced With Watchface Integration Along With Other Apps, Handwriting Recognition And Gesture Keyboard, Along With A Developer Preview, And Much More

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  • 1 Watchfaces
  • 2 Messaging
  • 3 Fitness Improvements
  • 4 Standalone Apps
  • 5 New System UI
  • 6 Wear 2.0 Preview

Fans of Android Put on have lots to become looking forward to. A significant update only agreed to be announced throughout the Google I/O 2016 keynote with lots of the characteristics users happen to be searching toward. The headlining inclusions in the woking platform focus largely on more complex watchfaces, enhancements for messaging, and expanded integration and much more automatic utilisation of the Google Fit platform. A Preview program may also be launched for Put on, so developers can focus on newly discovered apps for that platform before official rollouts begin.

If you prefer a quick summary of what’s new, watch our Put on 2. hands-on video.


Watchfaces will gain the opportunity to show data using their company apps, customizable towards the wearer’s tastes. The demo around the I/O stage incorporated a watchface with three separate segments (“complications”) showing calorie counts from Lifesum, stock information from Robinhood, along with a task count from Todoist. Each one of the complications could be drawn on to produce in to the appropriate screens around the related apps. These seem similar to widgets, however they clearly have consistent colors, which implies a highlight color could be selected to use to them.


Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 11.44.38 AM

Messaging around the wrist goes through something of the overhaul. Bing is intending to add or improve three input methods so responses can be achieved in any manner is most suitable towards the situation. The very first addition is known as Smart Reply, with a group of recommended responses in line with the context of the conversation. Bing is also presenting a gesture keyboard that appears mighty like the Google Keyboard for tablets and phones. The 3rd input technique is a handwriting keyboard that scrolls while you draw letters and figures together with your finger.


None of those will replace voice dictation, however they can make good substitutes if you are trying to reply to a note while there’s lots of noise or maybe you are not somewhere where talking with a wrist watch is suitable.

Fitness Improvements

Screenshot (182)

Fitness tracking is going to become almost fully automatic because the full Activity Recognition options that come with Google Fit are visiting Android Put on. Now when you begin a run or visit a bicycle, the sensors inside your watch will identify that you are as much as something and apps can start tracking it.

Activity tracking is simply in which the Google Fit integration begins. Apps may also be in a position to exchange data directly on the timepiece, so such things as food logs and workout trackers could work together to find out just the number of calories you’ve acquired or lost during the day.

Standalone Apps

Screenshot (183)

Standalone apps aren’t entirely completely new to Put on, Google has been doing it having a couple of of their own apps like Messenger. However, full network access is going to be supported for third-party apps on Put on 2.. Which means that whether they can obtain a connection via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or cellular signals, they can achieve to the cloud much like apps in your phone. Furthermore, APIs for Google Cloud Messaging, Account Manager, yet others is going to be directly accessible. This could considerably enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of apps whenever your phone is not nearby, also it reveals a an entire world of options for iPhone users which have made the decision to choose Put on on their own wrists.

New System UI

The credit card stack interface on Put on has offered pretty much since its beginning 2 yrs ago, but it is a chance to evolve. An up-to-date design is incorporated in the works best for the machine UI, notifications, and application launcher that can make them faster and simpler to make use of. The design and style can also be likely to integrate a more dark color scheme and much more Material Elements of design for that OS and apps moving forward.

Wear 2.0 Preview

The prosperity of the developer previews for tablets and phones has clearly not been lost on the internet. Android Put on will formally join the fray using its own preview SDKs and firmware images. The agenda for releases is to establish in the future in phases much like individuals for that N Preview, but on the later schedule. Signups aren’t essential to place the preview images on the watch, it’s done entirely with by hand exhibited firmware. However, images are just readily available for the Huawei Watch and LGE Watch Urbane second Edition.

A relevant video continues to be published to show a few of the new UI elements and new features.

The preview SDK and firmware images are available today. Just mind to the and discover the details for setting everything up and becoming began. Each milestone release may come about every six days, and also the final discharge of Android Put on 2. is planned for Q4 of 2016.

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