Chrome OS Dev Funnel Will get Experimental MTP Write Support For Manipulating Data On Attached Cellular Devices

Chrome OS Dev Funnel Will get Experimental MTP Write Support For Manipulating Data On Attached Cellular Devices

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About 4 or 5 several weeks ago, I received my Acer Chromebook 13, the 2nd Chromebook I have owned. The very first was the initial Samsung Chromebook, that was much more of a “test” device for me personally – something to obtain more acquainted with Chrome OS, however it certainly did not possess the chops to become my daily driver. After you have the Acer, however, I recognized which i essentially stopped using my Home windows laptop completely. Actually, I offered it a couple of days ago. I am dedicated to Chrome OS at this time. (I have a Home windows desktop though, for individuals who’re inevitably likely to ask within the comments.)

Obviously, using Chrome OS like a full-time OS has its own share of…annoyances. Among the primary ones, for me a minimum of, is the possible lack of MTP support for exterior cellular devices. Basically plugged my phone directly into my laptop, guess what happens happened? Not really a lot, honestly. I saw the telephone and it is contents, copy some files, which was essentially it. Now, though, a brand new flag exists within the new edition from the Chrome OS dev funnel that basically enables full MTP support for cellular devices. What this means is copying, pasting, cutting, creating folders, etc. from Chrome OS can be done. Certainly an enormous part of the best direction.

To allow this functionality, just jump into chrome://flags and tick the choice to allow MTP write support (alternatively, you can easily go straight to chrome://flags#enable-mtp-write-support). Remember that it is really an early iteration from the feature, so some things – like image editing, for instance – still aren’t available.

Still, I see pointless to not give it a try, particularly if you are already around the dev funnel (that is the only method to use Chrome OS is that this writer’s opinion).

If we are able to just get adb and fastboot support, I will be one happy guy.


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    Can you buy it at stores ONLY tomorow or from tomorrow on…for the price of 2 ur contract?


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