Google Preparing Big Optimizations For Chrome 53, 47% Step Up From Motion Mark By WebKit

Google Preparing Big Optimizations For Chrome 53, 47% Step Up From Motion Mark By WebKit

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Certainly one of Chrome’s greatest problems is speed. It’s gone from to be the fastest, best browser upon release to some RAM-hog that appears to become much more of a platform than an online browser nowadays. The web has lengthy been with Chrome to obtain some enhancements, therefore it fares better against other faster, more contemporary browsers. It appears as though Google has heard our calls, because the browser is going to get much faster.

Chrome 53, due for stable release in September, will see some big optimization work there’s as much as 47% improvement overall, mostly because of GPU raster, CSS and WebGL optimizations on OS X, leading to percentages which are multiple occasions much better than Chrome 51, the present stable release. It isn’t obvious if these optimizations can come towards the Linux and Home windows builds of Chrome, but I’d be amazed if individuals platforms aren’t seeing improvement, even when not as extreme as on OS X.

On Android, situations are very similar, with HTML suite seeing almost 600% improvement, and SVG suite an astounding 1087% much better than Chrome 51. A few of these optimizations to Chrome’s GPU pipeline will get to Chrome 52, scheduled for any stable release in This summer, but the majority of them come in Chrome 53.

If you wish to consider the optimizations in greater detail, browse the Google Doc with all the info. Chrome Canary, presently on 53..2766., can be obtained on OS X and Home windows, but sadly not Linux or Android. Chrome 53 is anticipated hitting the dev funnel on June 15 (it’s already on 53 on Android, although we are unsure whether it includes all of the optimizations – the APK can be obtained at APK Mirror), however it will not be stable until September.

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