Huawei’s Mate 9 has essentially no competition in Europe

The Samsung Universe Note 7 debacle will work for everybody selling a higher-finish smartphone. The benefits of not getting to contend with a telephone just like the Note 7 was, supported by Samsung’s enormous marketing budget, are apparent. It is good for Apple, Google, and other people vying for consumer attention inside a crowded market.

However the aftereffect of the Note 7’s demise in Europe is much more pronounced. Not just may be the major big-screened Android phone from the picture, but LG also is not selling its V20 on European shores, nor what are the indications of the situation can change in the near future.

The end result: Nobody – literally nobody – is selling a present, high-finish, mainstream Android phone in Europe having a screen larger than 5.5 inches. And when you are Huawei, getting just launched your Mate 9, you need to be rubbing both hands in glee at this fact.

At launch, the Huawei Mate 9 has essentially no competition in Europe. Its competitors land within the 5.5-inch category – phones such as the Pixel XL, iPhone 7 Plus and Universe S7 edge. Factor is, though, individuals devices aren’t really direct rivals towards the Mate 9. There’s an impact from a 5.5-inch display along with a 5.9-inch display, even if it’s encircled by bezels as chunky because the iPhone 7 Plus’s. A 5.9-inch display is often more tempting to Universe Note 4 upgraders – who there are plenty in Europe – searching to stay having a big phone.

The general heft and size the Mate 9 is not a global from the Note 4, which utilizes a 5.7-inch display however with bigger bezels. Without a doubt, the 2-year-old Note is closer in dimensions towards the Mate 9 than the usual Universe S7 edge.

So besides Huawei possess a device to tempt Note upgraders from Samsung’s smaller sized handset – the only real non-explosive Samsung upgrade path available today – additionally, it has got the only 5.7-inch-plus flagship Android phone you can purchase in Europe. Thinking about the marketing energy Huawei appears to become putting behind the brand new Mate, and just how it’s had the ability to forge strong relationships with all of four from the big United kingdom systems with the P9, this phone has considerable potential within the European market.

And that is before you think about the Mate 9, free of the Huawei software wonk of yore, really appears like it will be a great phone on its own.

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